about your family photoshoot

Your family photoshoot can be at a location, or locations, of your choosing. It could be at your home or a place that might have special meaning to you and your loved ones, such as a favourite woodland or waterside location. Having more than one location gives you greater variety of images.

Consider the clothing you will all wear - it can be nice to have some changes of clothing to give you variety in your photographs. You could bring a selection of tops, shoes, hats etc. Try to wear clothing that will coordinate with each other. If you have older children then allowing them to be involved in their clothing choices is important, particularly if they are a slightly reluctant participant! Some specific things to consider: brightly coloured clothing can make skin tone appear pale; make sure that the clothing on one family member doesn’t dominate over everyone else.

Bring along any props that might have special meaning that you want included in the photographs, for example your little one’s favourite toy, or something that represents you or your child’s hobbies and interests.

A little face powder can help prevent shine on the face. Even on men! And a brush or comb might be handy to give hair a little tidy-up.

I am very happy to help you with thinking about clothing and props for your shoot so please ring or email me if you are feeling stuck and I’ll help you with your choices. I look forward to seeing you!